About Me

Ever since I was a little boy, I loved everything about wood. How it smelled, what I could make with it and my imagination was limitless. I’d tromp through the forest, Boy Scout axe in hand, looking for just the right saplings to build my “fort”. When I was eight, my dad and Uncle Scott were hired to dismantle an old saw mill. I got to go with them. I stared in awe at the pulleys, belts and massive blade. I marveled at the size of the building beams that were cut by this mill. Imagine all this came from a tree! I WAS HOOKED. 

For the next twenty years, I learned how to build. Houses, cabins, furniture, and more. I went to AB Tech to learn masonry. I worked with a General Contractor to learn everything about building a house from the ground up. Later, I worked as an off-loader for John Teeman’s mobile saw mill. This is where I learned extensively what trees were good for which building projects, how to saw lumber the right way, how to dry it properly to get bugs out and cure it for building. The most important lesson I learned, though, was the value of a tree.  

People would almost cry telling me about the big oak they, their children and their children’s children used to climb and use for first base — until it was struck by lightning and the insurance company made them cut it down. Today, people call wanting to know if their tree is worth anything. 

You tell me – what are three generations of memories worth? 

I specialize in salvaging lumber from your sentimental tree and turning it into an heirloom so you and future generations can relive those memories. If you’re into woodworking, I’ll even teach you to build it yourself. Talk about priceless.